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A step-by-step 3 months strategic program
To Break The Glass Ceiling
And scale your consulting business to the next step

Breaking the Glass Ceiling Coaching Program

Value and expertise

A complete program to accelerate the growth of your consulting activity

Supported by a recognized biotech consultant expert in B2B strategies, containing all the keys to reach the next level for your business, and Guaranteeing Specific Results

The coaching

3 Months Custom 1-to-1 Program

Anytime Access To Your Coach By Phone Or Email

Weekly Q&A Sessions To Quickly Implement Solutions

Laser Focus On Your Positioning To Dominate Your Market

Review Of Your Scripts & Branding Tools

Apply Automated Strategy To Simplify Your Consulting Revenues

Optimize Your Negotiation & Communication Skills

Accelerate Your Flow of Qualified leads

But why did we develop the Breaking the Glass Ceiling program?

Because we know that running a freelance consultant business is really tough. We've all gone through moments of questioning and uncertainty.

You are always asking for more and you perfectly know you are only on the first step of your success. Lately, you've been feeling cramped: your office space has suddenly become too small for your ambitions.

But activity expansion is not so easy.

Do I really need to hire additional staff to help me right now?
Should I keep my consulting business as a solo-entrepreneur activity?
Which business model is the best to scale my consulting activity?

You are confident that you have what it takes to implement massive actions and deliver the best results for your clients. But you’re confused and struggling with the first steps. You have a doubt about your perfect positioning and your ideal clients. You are afraid to lose your time and exhaust yourself in endless efforts.

Is my service positioning really fitting wit market expectations?
Do I deal with the right prospects and customers?
What do I need to do first to make a major impact?

You’re running your consulting activity for years now, but you're constantly trying to make ends meet. You don’t count hours of work and your company is hardly reaching break-even point or making a slight profit.

Am I getting the value I deserve from my current clients?
Do I charge enough for my performance?
What can I make differently that can change everything?

You’re looking for a change in your business. In fact, you are continuously asking yourself if you will keep on offering the same services in two or five years from now.

But it’s not so simple to leap into the unknown.

What is if lose everything I built so far? Does is really worth it?
Am I really willing to climb the mountain again?

You’re creative. You have plenty of new business ideas. But you want them to be challenged by entrepreneurs who perfectly understand what you have in mind and want to achieve.

Is my family giving me an open and transparent feedback?
Are my friends not trying to overprotect me as usual?

You see the big picture and dream of activity expansion.

Of course, we’re all too immersed in our activity to be able to step back and see the big picture.

Sometimes we just need a new vantage point and a trust advisor you perfectly understand the challenges you’re facing. Someone who guides you on the path.

Freelance Picture

Meet Julien

Julien is the founder of Isy Bio, a consultancy firm working on business strategy and digital marketing solutions for biotechnology players. Julien holds a Master degree in biotechnology engineering completed with a MBA.

Julien moved to Belgium to work for Henogen, a viral vector cGMP CDMO company. After its buy-out by Novasep group, Julien moved to the position of Market Manager of Novasep Group and Business Director of Novasep Belgium, consolidating a 14M€ annual revenues business.

In 2012, Julien was called by ImmuneHealth to start a business & marketing department from scratch. ImmuneHealth rapidly became a leader in Europe for GCLP immuno-monitoring services. In 2016, with a portfolio of more than sixty international customers, ImmuneHealth was successfully sold to Caprion Biosciences.

As a freelance consultant, Julien has then successfully collaborated on business and marketing strategies of CER Group, Smaltis, AmplyCell, Spectralys, QVQ, MaSTherCell, ULB, Univercells, ImmunXperts, RD-Biotech, Diaclone, SYnAbs and many other service companies.

In less than three years, SYnAbs became a 7-digit business. Julien was then offered to be a Board member and a shareholder of the company.

In 2018, Julien founded Freelance Biotech to help people reach the level of success and freedom they dream of.

In parallel, Julien is a member of the Investment Committee of Sayens, taking care of millions euros investment each year, to value intellectual property and innovation maturity coming from French laboratories.

As a private investor, Julien manages a portfolio of a dozen of start-ups and real estate investments.

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