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A step-by-step 6 weeks proven method
To attract more profitable clients
And add 6 figures to your consulting incomes

Without spending money on costly marketing tools
Without competing with useless Google & Facebook adversiting campaigns
Without making a huge investment on training programs

Value and expertise

A complete program to create and pilot a highly profitable consulting business

Created by a recognized biotech consultant expert in B2B sales and marketing, Containing all the keys to generate a stable and sustainable growth for your activity, And offering the flexibility to learn at your own time and work through it as fast or slow as you wish

The courses

6-week Online Consulting Course

Lifetime Access To Dozens Of Training Videos

Detailed Method To Ensure A Consistent Flow Of Qualified Leads

Complete Strategy To Create A Powerful Brand and Position Your Offer Effectively

Proven Scripts For Each Step Of A Successful Prospection Journey

Create Predictable & Long-Term Revenues For Your Consulting Activity

Tactics To Build Trusted Relationships And Win Bigger Consulting Projects

Negotiate The Fees You Deserve And Work With The Right Clients

But why did we develop the consultant’ staircase program?

Running an independent consulting business is more and more challenging.

Each day, our customers are literally inundated with thousands of mails, videos, and calls, while facing the spread of misinformation. They so cannot remember which consultant services offer what features and benefits. Confused, they are not able to make a clear decision and prefer to postpone their outsourcing project.

The financial climate erodes customers’ confidence and makes new outsourcing investments more risky than ever. Tempted by commoditization, they often opt for price capitulation. Companies pick up cheap and poor relevant consulting services that don’t fit with their business needs. Problems remain in these entities, and valuable independent people are left by the side of the success road.

Does that sound familiar ?

As consultants, we need to ensure we’ve enough work at the current moment, while living with the unpredictability of next job and geographic location of work. It’s a roller coaster journey. We feel like we're not in charge anymore.
We're just waiting for the next wave. Finger crossed.

Quartered between the will to give the best of us in the present mission, and the necessity to continuously find new clients, we’re struggling to find the appropriate balance between production time and time dedicated to find new projects.

But you know what? It’s not a fatality. Your dream to be your own boss and do what you love is still there.
Highly vivid.

In fact, despite all mentioned difficulties and external factors they can’t control, some consultants are more successful than ever. They’re enjoying a great and booming financial situation. Living the life of their dream and keeping the lifestyle they deeply enjoy. They are even forced to refuse contracts because they have more business than they can possibly handle. They choose only the most interesting and challenging projects and put aside any other opportunity they instantly disqualify.

Real luxury, huh?

So do you want to know what makes the difference?

Let me tell you a little and true story :

I was at the public swimming pool. Since I was a kid, I’ve loved to propel myself through the water using my own body power. The slide feeling is ecstatic. And to be surrounded by water is just my element. I feel whole and really at peace.
After my knee injuries, I was compelled to stop a lot of activities. I stop running, stop cycling, and stop boxing. I can’t walk 10 kilometres anymore without feeling a huge pain in my joints. After research and the poor promises of surgeries, I realized that the only acceptable sport was swimming since there’s no contact with the ground and no extra pressure on joints.
I used to swim a lot when I was a student and my problem was the opportunity to start again. I swim now three times a week and usually 2 kilometres per session. I’m not a competitor like my brother, but I’ve read a lot on the topic and got great trainers when I was younger.

Today, it’s the first time I met the young guy next to me. It’s his story, not mine. Perched on the pool edge, he brought a lot of material with him: pullboy, different pair of glasses, short palms, long palms, snorkel, diving mask, finger paddles, and performance drinks. The pool was crowded, so he asked me if it bothers me to let him share my corridor. « No problem » I answered. « Please pick up your side and I’ll take the other one ». And then he starts.

He starts swimming the crawl. In fact, it was not the crawl. I’m not sure it was swimming either. With his head completely out of the water, the legs making a lot of noisy splashes, the arms moving strongly in the air and falling down heavily, it was really a poor performance. After 50 meters, he stopped at the end of the corridor trying to catch his breath.

This show lasted 15 minutes then he sat on the pool edge and watched me swimming for my entire training. When I finally stopped and took off my glasses, he called out to me when I was on the verge to grab the ladder.

- I’ve watched you. You’re really a great swimmer! You’re faster than anyone and you swim for more than 45 minutes. It seems so easy for you! I would love to swim like you. Do you mind if I ask you how you do it ?
- I practice several times a week for several years.
- Yes, it’s obvious. For me, I’ve just started a few weeks ago. Could I ask you what is wrong with my crawl?
- Sincerely ?
- Yes, please be transparent, I really need external feedback.
- First, why did you bring all this material ? I asked, pointing the pile.
- Because I’ve seen professionals practicing with these tools.
- Of course, they do. But I’m pretty sure they didn’t use them when they started. For the moment, please put them aside. And join me into the water.
- OK, I’m in. So I need to move my legs more to go faster I suppose?
- No. Less.
- What? Really?
- Yes, sometimes less is more. Crawl technique is about the upper body, the propulsion is made by triceps and shoulder muscles. There’s no need to make big arm gestures in the air, but you need to be really strong below the surface. It’s where the magic happens, where nobody can see it. You need to slide, not splash. But for the moment, we’re going to stay right here.
- Why?
- Because, you need to figure that crawl is a sequence of movements coupled with a breathing technique. We need to break down the entire continuum into small elements. And if any one step of the process is flawed it will have a detrimental knock-on effect on the next move and so on. Ready?

There are many truths that can be drawn from this short story.

But the first truth is that someone, one day, decides to reconsider his abilities and embraces reassessment. He accepted that he may be wrong and he needed to start learning from someone you already took the path. One step after the other, climbing the staircase of his own success. The will to learn and to change is the best gift the nature offers us. Because it can change us for the best.

Jumping up and becoming a freelancer is not an easy process. It needs a certain amount of time, dedication and a particular mindset to develop. Sometimes you missed only one step to go to the next one. One step that makes the entire difference when you climb your consulting staircase.

Are you still struggling to fill your prospect pipeline ?
Are you often thinking your consulting frees are underrated ?
Are your constantly chasing prospecpts but they're not chasing you at all ?
You don't know how to connect to people and effectively network ?
Not sure how to build trust during meetings ?

The Consultant Staircase program has all you need to know about building a successful high-profit consulting practice that fits the life you want. Whether you're just starting out as a freelancer, or running your business since several years, you'll discover how to leverage your activity and enjoy the life you deserve.

The Staircase Consulting Course will teach you how to :

Build your own consulting zone
Finding the ideal customers
Avoid critical mistakes and benefit from mine
Develop a successful consulting mindset
Set the right goals for a long term growth
Effectively manage your time
Create a powerfull brand in no time
To be the 1% of your industry and master social media
Design your content with a great SEO
Build relationships that matter
Create recurring revenue for your consulting business
Use proven scripts that sell
Work on your value & ask for the fees you deserve
Effectively disqualify the wrong process
Scale and earm more money

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